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Information Board

1. Life expectancy of home components

2. Home Maintenance Schedule

Writing of Inspection

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Topics of inspection

1. Do I need a home inspection?

2. New home deficiency inspection

3. The cooperative owner

4. The expectation and puzzle

Topics of Structure

1. Concept on local house structure

2. Settlement

3. Painful Leaking

4. Cracks on buildings

5. Be cautious on “negative grade”

6. Smart thinking on foundation leaking

Roof and attic

1. Roof the key of home inspection

2. The traditional wood shingle/shake

3. The economical asphalt shingle

4. The solid concrete tile

5. Precaution on build-up roof

6. Ice damming

7. Roof components 1

8. Roof components 2

9. Small attic Big vision

10. Gutter and Downspout

Exterior and garage

1. The receding wood siding

2. The widely used stucco

3. The commonly applied wall materials

4. The inspection of balconies & decks

5. The inspection of garage and carport

6. Landscape first

Interior and safety

1. The inspection of doors and windows

2. Negligible safety issues?

3. Wood floor inspection and maintenance

4. Electricity—The heart of property

5. The widely applied carpet

6. The variety of tiles

7. Bath maintenance 1

8. Bath maintenance 2


1. The common heating system

2. The boiler heating

3. The conventional furnace

4. The inspection of furnace

5. The electric heating system

6. The expected heating system

7. The AC inspection and maintenance

8. HRV system


1. Is it a leaking water tank?

2. The concern of HW

3. Where is the main water shut-off?

4. Inside shutoff for garden bibs

5. Poly-B Concern

6. Plumbing and leaking

7. DIY extend hot water tank life expectancy

8. The sink and faucet inspection


1. Garbage disposal

2. Dish washer

3. Washer and Dryer

more coming soon, under the construction, Sorry

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